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Porcelain -> Dinnerware

German tea set consisting of pot, 3 cups and tea box.
C. Nonne in the period 1792-1808?

Tea pot.
Height 12 cm.
Diametre 11 cm.
Length 19 cm.

Height 6 cm.
Diametre on saucer 13 cm.

Tea box.
Height 13 cm.
Width/Length 6 cm.

The set is painted with scattered flowers in blue and originally had gold edges - this is almost worn off.
Some of the flowers is also slightly worn.

the set is in very good condition despite its age. Usually the lid on tea boxes are either lost or broken, this one still has its lid.
The tea pots lid is also complet and has a minor repair to it.
There is a hairline crack in one saucer.

Item number: A1508


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